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Veza, founded in 2020 in Silicon Valley, is a platform specializing in identity security. It employs identity and data context to offer access governance and visibility across diverse cloud environments.

Due to major limitations with their old website that hindered marketing efforts and didn't accurately reflect their changing business needs, in 2023 Veza turned to Pixelmatters for help upon a referral from our old partners at Rubrik.


Veza's expanding business required a flexible website. The current Content Management System (CMS) didn't offer the necessary autonomy for the Marketing team, and the design and messaging didn't match other sales touch-points. A new website was needed to provide a refreshed look, more flexibility, and increased independence for marketing changes.

Extensive CMS analysis and Page Design overview and status.
Extensive CMS analysis and Page Design overview and status.

An approach based on customization and flexibility

Pixelmatters prioritized flexibility and efficient content management to support Veza’s team. The strategic choice was to use WordPress, a user-friendly and easily customizable CMS. Building the website with reusable blocks through WordPress Gutenberg further enhanced flexibility, allowing Veza to create and update content swiftly. Pixelmatters ensured this modular approach remained a priority throughout the entire project roadmap.

Crafting a look & feel for longevity

The redesign embraced a direction that evolved with Veza’s branding, ensuring the new website resonated with its current identity but would also accommodate future growth.

The close collaboration with Veza’s team was critical, as it allowed for a seamless integration of design elements that bridged their brand's past, present and future.

Custom component-driven design strategy

Pixelmatters introduced a modular approach to Veza’s CMS to empower its Marketing team with flexibility and autonomy. This strategy included the creation of a series of template pages, each including several adaptable components that worked interchangeably with each other or on their own.

These templates were designed as versatile elements, enabling Veza’s team to assemble pages autonomously and uniquely suited to its vision without design or development constraints.

Adaptative design variations

To ensure the design system fully supported Veza's dynamic needs, Pixelmatters developed an extensive range of variations for each component. For instance, a banner that accommodated for different combinations of titles, descriptions, and buttons.

By contemplating several variations, the system was engineered to seamlessly adapt to different contexts, ensuring that Veza could maintain a cohesive yet highly customizable digital presence.

Multiple instances of the same component enables genuine customisation options.
Multiple instances of the same component enables genuine customisation options.

A CMS meant to be flexible

Building on the adaptability of the design system, a perfect match for Veza's Content Management System (CMS) was found in WordPress. Just as the design variations seamlessly adapted to different contexts, Gutenberg, known for its modularity and customization capabilities, was instrumental in fulfilling the need for a highly tailored platform.

Veza fallback image

A CMS built for true customization.

Veza fallback image

A CMS built for true customization.

Customization made easy

Pixelmatters used Gutenberg blocks for improved site customization, creating each component tailored for the project needs. This allows Veza’s marketing team to control page style and content, even for complex configurations like composite blocks, without coding.

Gutenberg blocks and editor controls were created using a combination of PHP and React, enabling modern JavaScript-driven development within WordPress, while PHP and JavaScript managed on frontend construction.

Veza fallback image

The power of complete control over page templates.

Veza fallback image

A CMS built for true customization.

Scaling at the fingertips

When it came to data migration, Pixelmatters created a custom plugin to help Veza move from Craft CMS to WordPress easily. This tool allowed the Marketing team to pick what content to import and what to skip, matching everything from text and images to the right spots in the database. This smart solution sped up the switch to the new site.

With a modular strategy both on the design and the CMS, Veza is not constrained to having to ask for different development or design tasks to make changes and create new pages. Veza’s team has the freedom to do them.

Veza and Pixelmatters felt like a single team with a common goal. We launched a beautiful and maintainable website on schedule and received great feedback from customers, board members and industry peers.

Kale Bogdanovs

Product Marketing at Veza

The result

With a highly modular and bespoke approach, every aspect of Veza’s new website was tailored for flexibility and autonomy. Veza’s Marketing team now has full control and is free to make changes and create new pages without development or design dependencies. A website ready for the future.

Summing it up

Pixelmatters collaborated with Veza to craft a new website that makes us proud. Seamless, scalable, and praised by users and industry peers, it empowers Veza with autonomy for a bright future.

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