Showcasing new AI capabilities



Glean was founded in 2019 and is the first AI platform for enterprise search and knowledge discovery. It is considered a unicorn, having reached a $1B valuation in its latest round of funding led by Sequoia Capital.

Several members of Glean’s marketing team had also worked at Rubrik, a past Pixelmatters client. As that relationship was highly successful, we engaged to work together again.


There was an already existing website, but with Glean’s product's new AI capabilities and consequent re-positioning in the market set to be announced to the public by April 2023, it was essential to create a new website to support that launch.

Back in February, when the collaboration started, there were still a lot of questions to be answered. We helped to uncover the scope of work while also bringing organization and prioritization to the ambitious roadmap.

Should we start from scratch?

The existing website was built on Webflow, and the decision was to keep it that way. There were, however, several known issues that could possibly lead to the need to create a new website from scratch.

In order to make that decision, we’ve conducted an analysis of the existing Webflow project to have a global overview of the state of things.

Technical analysis conducted on Glean's Website.
Technical analysis conducted on Glean's Website.

Technical strategy

Webflow main advantages are known to be the speed of implementation and the autonomy it provides to marketing teams, which were both critical factors at play here.

As the outcome of the technical analysis, it was decided to rebuild on top of the existing website while fixing the most important identified issues.
Due to the need to quickly and easily change content, Webflow CMS was also used.

Representation of Blog Posts CMS Collection on Webflow.
Representation of Blog Posts CMS Collection on Webflow.

Scalable and flexible components

In order to take the best out of Webflow, one of the good practices that have been implemented was the creation of a components library, that includes headers, buttons, and essentially all components the website has in an individualized way.

Autonomy is key

The creation of a component library allows marketing teams to autonomously create new sections and pages at the speed of light, with a simple drag-and-drop approach.

The result

In two months, together with Glean’s team, we’ve created and launched a world-class new website built on Webflow, which exposes Glean’s new AI-driven positioning in the market.

Summing it up

Today, Glean is allowing teams at enterprises to quickly and easily find what they need at work, with the power of AI. Because finding what you need at work shouldn’t be so hard.

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