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Back in early 2021, eFinancialCareers approached Pixelmatters with a significant challenge. The existing website needed a major overhaul as it struggled to gain users' trust, which was reflected in declining key metrics.

To achieve this, a fresh new user experience and interface were essential to (re)boost user engagement.

eFinancialCareers website circa 2021, prior to the engagement with Pixelmatters.
eFinancialCareers website circa 2021, prior to the engagement with Pixelmatters.


There was a need to reactivate growth, expand the user base, and captivate finance professionals while restoring credibility, (re)building trust, and (re)assuring users of eFinancialCareers’ reliability.

Enhancing the user experience of the job application flow was identified as key to achieving these objectives, with the aim of increasing user sign-ups and improving conversion rates.

The strategy

The defined strategy focused on two key aspects: establishing credibility through the News & Advice, which serves as the main entry point of the website, and guiding users through a seamless job application flow, ultimately turning readers into job applicants.

A trustworthy look&feel

The UI redesign played a crucial role in transforming the eFinancialCareers website, as it paved the way for a broader visual identity change, which included a new logo and color scheme.

The UI direction was established in alignment with the eFinancialCareers team, resulting in a clean and intuitive interface crafted to delight users.

Giving the homepage a new purpose

The homepage was also a cornerstone for the website’s transformation, laying the foundation for an immersive user experience. A well-spaced UI design was meticulously thought out to captivate users and optimize their journey.

The News & Advice section, identified as users’ main entry point in the website, was strategically positioned above the fold to catch the eyes of visitors from the moment they land on the site.

eFC fallback image

Homepage Before & After Pixelmatters.

Homepage Before & After Pixelmatters.

Elevating the entry point

On the Article page, a seamless crossover between job listings and the article itself was thoughtfully balanced out, with the goal of fostering a harmonious blend of informative content and enticing career prospects.

Articles categorization was revamped to facilitate users’ understanding of the different subjects, the sign-up flow was streamlined, and social features were added while prioritizing SEO to make sure that the eFinancialCareers website is performing at its best and is easily found in search results.

Job pages matter

Providing a good experience so close to the finish line for user conversion was beyond crucial. To achieve this, Job Search and Job Detail pages received a design makeover, making them more visually appealing. Some key changes, such as an improved filtering system to facilitate users in refining their search and finding the perfect job match, have been implemented.

With these features and the visual revamp, eFinancialCareers is offering a seamless and empowered job search experience. Users can explore the platform with confidence, enjoying an intuitive interface, streamlined search options, and the convenience of staying ahead with personalized job alerts.

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Job Search Page Before & After Pixelmatters.

Job Search Page Before & After Pixelmatters.

Making it easy to apply for a job

Simplifying the entire job application process was extremely important.
By eliminating unnecessary steps and complexities, users could complete their applications with efficiency and minimal effort.

With fewer hurdles to navigate, we created an easy and quick process focused on converting users into job applicants.

Representation of users' conversion flow into job applicants.
Representation of users' conversion flow into job applicants.

Ensuring consistency

During the revamp of the eFinancialCareers website, a design system was created to ensure consistency across all components that make up the overall design, acting as a set of guidelines, and providing a centralized source of truth in terms of appearance and functionality.

A pixel-perfect handoff

The constant communication throughout the collaboration made everything run smoothly. As the design phase wrapped up, the use of Zeplin facilitated a smooth handoff of the work to the eFinancialCareers engineering team, leading to the successful implementation of the new website design.

We’re truly pleased with Pixelmatters’ performance. They deliver what they promise and are always on track with our project timelines.

Sarah MacKenzie

VP of Product at eFinancialCareers

The result

Thanks to amazing teamwork, a well thought strategy, and execution, eFinancialCareers experienced remarkable growth since the new version of the website has been launched.

By revamping the website’s UX and UI design, streamlining the user journey, and optimizing the job application process, eFinancialCareers re-affirmed itself as an industry leader.

Summing it up

By embracing an invigorating design, restoring credibility, and optimizing the user journey, it successfully re-positioned itself as a trusted platform. And we’re not done yet!

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