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A cross-functional team with deep digital product expertise

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A cross-functional team with
deep digital product expertise

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Our clients' words

Veza and Pixelmatters felt like a single team with a common goal. We launched a beautiful and sustainable website on schedule and received great feedback from customers, board members and industry peers.
Kale Bogdanovs
Product Marketing
Pixelmatters has impressed in so many ways, including their attention to detail throughout the project. Their communication with the team and stakeholders is amazing.
Traci Clarke
Product Manager
The constant positivity and genuine desire to be successful alongside us has been really refreshing. They care about our success and that comes across in our meetings and in the design of the product.
Matt Hobson
Senior Product Manager
Communication has been seamless, and their collaborative approach has made the project feel like a true partnership.
Peter Lundquist
COO & Head of Product
Pixelmatters' communication, process, and work outputs are stellar. They were able to adapt some of their processes to fit our needs. Their ability to critically think through problems has been awesome.
Neil Rajpal
Former Director of Product
Pixelmatters is all about agility. They have a flexible but meticulous approach to both Design and Development, which has been a perfect match for Rubrik’s mindset and rapid growth.
Julia Lee
VP of Strategy & Chief of Staff
We’ve found their work to be of an extremely high caliber, creative, and fast. The team consistently puts their best work forward, and we’ve been thrilled with the results.
Evan Lesser
Founder and President
Pixelmatters strong communication ensures expectations are always aligned, and they truly act as a strategic partner that co-owns key decisions about tech stack and product direction.
Andrew Woo
Head of Operations
We’re truly pleased with Pixelmatters’ performance. They deliver what they promise and are always on track with our project timelines.
Sarah MacKenzie
VP of Product
They’re a dynamic team that likes to get things done. We were all on the same page and had a good vibe working together.
Márcio Lopes
Design Team Leader
Pixelmatters operates in a very open and positive way, making it easy to work with them. They're intentional about their communication, project management, expectations, and implications of our requests.
Ori Ratner
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
I was impressed with their commitment to high standards of work. Never worked with an agency that was so obsessive about quality — definitely ingrained in their culture.
Ian Zhu
Co-founder & CEO
Pixelmatters hit the middle ground between quality and speed while showing an extraordinary human approach.
Tim Chen
Former Director, Web and Digital Marketing
Pixelmatters is really good on design — they’re experts. Our conversion rate has increased dramatically since we’re using the redesign in our sales pipeline. So far, we’re seeing increased user satisfaction.
Sri Vijayasarathy
VP of Product & Engineering
Pixelmatters is professional, pragmatic, and prepared. It's not just about "getting the job done" but about understanding our goals and having a strong opinion about what's best for the product.
Ka Wai Cheung
Co-Founder & CTO
It is a joy working with Pixelmatters! They have been instrumental in helping us to continue growing. They work very hard and I can always get ahold of them. Highly recommended.
Randy Vroman
Founder & CEO
Their communication and deliverables are both very impressive. I’ve been impressed with their UX abilities of thinking through the information hierarchy. They feel like a true partner for me.
Kat Gillis
Chief Operating Officer
Pixelmatters puts their clients first. The team bent over backwards to accommodate changes in our schedule or other challenges. They really went the extra mile.
Karolyn Bachelor
Former Principal Product Designer
Despite being 11 timezones away, collaboration and workflow were expertly managed. We loved the results, the Pixelmatters team took direct feedback well and were a pleasure to work with.
Yee Lee
VP Growth & Capital Markets
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