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"Making every IT professional able to use our Web App despite their level of technical expertise" — that's what led Lastline, a pioneer in anti-malware research and AI-powered network detection and response, to reach out to Pixelmatters. They needed to revamp their Web App's design.


Lastline was on a quest for simplification. First, given the complexity the cybersecurity sector holds, and secondly, because every IT professional should be able to use their Web App, despite their technical expertise. Therefore, Pixelmatters focused on simplifying while improving the Web App's experience and design.

Representation of the WebApp's Audit.

Two companies, one team

To do so, we worked closely with Lastline's internal Design and Engineering teams. Having two very different design teams, Lastline and Pixelmatters, combining forces, allowed Lastline to expand its design capabilities and speed up the revamp of their Web App.

First, simplify existing screens

One of the initial goals was to create a user-friendly experience. Together with Lastline's UX Design Team, we deconstructed the personas briefing. Then, by understanding the users' primary needs and issues, we knew what existing screens had to be simplified and how.

Pixelmatters rethought a few of the screens and created new wireframes, with the focus of improving its UX. And it was crucial to meet Lastline's challenge: make the Web App more intuitive.

Collaboration of both teams during the UX phase.
Collaboration of both teams during the UX phase.

Connecting the dots

Apart from simplification, Pixelmatters had to guarantee scalability. So, we built Lastline's design system, organizing every component from tabs, buttons, typography to colors.

Together, Lastline's new UX, UI and design system would become the foundation for Lastline's future, ready for any upcoming changes or features.

Lastline's design system.
Lastline's design system.

Reaching a consistent and intuitive experience

With the design core pillars created, we redesigned specific dashboards and sections of the Web App — menu, sidebar, and individual components. But, we also introduced animations and visuals queues to add a layer of dynamism. By making these visualization graphs more pleasing to look at, Pixelmatters made the entire experience more consistent and user-friendly.

Modular sections designed for the sidebar.
Modular sections designed for the sidebar.

The future of Lastline

After completing Lastline's Web App revamp, Pixelmatters started working on a new project with the code name "Krakatoa." It was focused on Lastline's future, with another proof of concept and creative direction.

But, while envisioning "Krakatoa," Lastline got acquired by VMware. And even though it didn't materialize, we quickly adjusted Lastline's Web App Look&Feel to be aligned with VMware's visual guidelines.

Concept for Lastline 2.0.
Concept for Lastline 2.0.
Karolyn Bachelor

Pixelmatters bent over backwards to accommodate changes in our schedule or other challenges. They really went the extra mile.

Karolyn Bachelor

Principal Product Designer at Lastline, Inc.

The result

During our close collaboration with Lastline, we successfully revamped their Web App. As a result, it wasn't only simplified to entry-level users but also ready for the future.

After Lastline's acquisition, and a simplification journey, we adjusted Lastline's Web App to match the new VMware's identity. It was the first time one of our clients got acquired, making us super excited about what will come.

Summing it up

Cybersecurity shouldn't be complex, neither the apps we use to protect ourselves online. With the simplification of their Web App, Lastline (and VMware) are on the fast track to keep thousands of companies safe as digital continues to thrive.

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