Blockchain Decentralized Cloud Computing



iExec is an innovative French startup which aims to ‘decentralize the cloud’, by creating a global cloud computing marketplace where anyone can rent out their processing power for profit. By May 2017, iExec and Pixelmatters started working together for a total revamp of iExec brand and website.


One year after being found, by April 2017, iExec successfully made an ICO and raised $12M. By then, iExec’s website wasn’t yet consistent nor had a solid structure.

While iExec team was busy evolving the product, Pixelmatters was chosen to make a new website, both from a Design and Development standpoint, positioning iExec as a top of the market company and product.

Design Direction

The project was designed page by page, in collaboration between both Pixelmatters and iExec team. After receiving briefs, we went on to create some low-fi wireframes for the core pages of the website, that was then used as a foundation for the User Interface.

Dark UI

iExec is a technical product that can be hard to understand for non-technical viewers, so one of the decisions that were made early on was that the site should look and feel as friendly as possible.

Still, considering that iExec brand colors are black and yellow, we also intended not to lose some of its natural soberness.


The creation of, at least, a minimal Styleguide is always part of Pixelmatters process. With this in mind, a library of components was created, in order to ensure future consistency in terms of styles, fonts, colors, and interactable elements - without losing Pixelmatters unique touch.

Technology Considerations

At the beginning of the project, iExec team shared their need to be able to autonomously create and edit content on the website. Therefore, in an agreement between both of us, Wordpress was the chosen CMS.

On top of that, there was the need to have multiple languages, and therefore WPML plugin was integrated early on, allowing the website to scale in terms of internationalization.

Pantheon was the chosen platform to make sure the deploy process was as automated and smooth as possible, allowing us to be sure that, when pushed to production, there wouldn't be any major flaws. Also, it gave iExec the guarantee that, if some traffic spikes occurred, the website would still respond fast.

The Result

After a few months of work, we're proud to have helped to plan, design, develop and launch a solid and consistent website, that helped to position iExec into a whole new dimension as a company and product.

Gilles Fedak

Many thanks to Pixelmatters magic team! Smooth collaboration, awesome work, beautiful result.

Gilles Fedak

CEO and Co-founder of iExec

Summing it up

This one of our first projects around the Blockchain industry, and we enjoyed every second of it. Now, go buy some RLC Tokens!

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