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Formsite is an Online Form Builder operating since 1998 with a wide range of customers that goes from start-ups to major companies. In April 2016, Formsite and Pixelmatters started working together for a total revamp of its website.


Due to having an outdated and old fashioned website, Formsite wanted to accelerate their growth in key metrics and believed the old site was holding them back, namely in terms of conversion rate, in a clear sign that a change was needed. The solution was only one: Pixelmatters.

The goal was then to revamp an existing website into a modern and stylish one while being aware of the impact those changes may have on their already existing huge userbase and SEO legacy.

A Refreshed Look

In order for Formsite to continue to be a leader in its field, it was essential to have a positioning as being a modern company. With that in mind, the pillars of the look and feel had to be fully re-thought.

The branding was kept, but all the UI was created from scratches, such as fonts, iconography, illustration, and colors.

Responsive Approach

One thing preventing faster growth is that the old site was not very mobile friendly. So, a responsive website was the clear path to take, providing users with the possibility of having a similar top-notch experience either on Desktop or on Mobile. Due to the amount of information each page displays, here and there some custom components were created.

Illustration Style

Considering the website’s needs in terms of the number of illustrations, we gave a step back and created a dedicated illustrative style that was then used consistently throughout the whole website, helping to solidify the modern and up-to-date look and feel Formsite was looking for.

Each of these illustrations aims to represent specific features of the product.

Templating Strategy

Moving Formsite to a CMS based strategy raised some challenges. The biggest of which was related to the content scalability. Supporting various content typologies with ease was a fundamental requirement for this migration.

Using Wordpress as the base engine and Custom Post Types to customize content, a new system was implemented allowing each page to be associated with a template that can be changed in a matter of seconds. Seems like customization and scalability are a match made in heaven!


The existing infrastructure was very limited: content wasn’t saved on databases and the deploy and build processes weren’t properly automated. The infrastructure needed a revamp.

An integrated set of tools for website management like Pantheon, connected with Github brought many advantages. It's now easier and safer to do deploys in different test environments and with similar response times with dynamic content.

The Result

Formsite is now up and running and their Average Conversion Rate increased between 15% to 20% after the revamp! Pretty awesome, right?

Some of the components created for the WebApp.
Some of the components created for the WebApp.
Randy Vroman

It is a joy working with Pixelmatters! They have been instrumental in helping us to continue growing. They work very hard and I can always get ahold of them. Highly recommended.

Randy Vroman

CEO at Formsite

Summing it up

With this shift on its digital strategy, Pixelmatters helped Formsite reinvent itself despite being a respected company established in the market for over 20 years.

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