What's the difference between a chocolate bar and a box of Christmas chocolates?

Christmas is near, and we are all feeling festive! 🎁

Do you already have one of those Chocolate Christmas Advent Calendars? Those paper calendars where you open a little window and pop out one piece of chocolate every day until Christmas? It’s a common tradition. And everyone enjoys those daily little surprises, especially kids! 😃

The same product (sweet 🍫) that exists throughout the whole year, with many variations, but more commonly in the form of a chocolate bar, gets redefined and reinvented for this occasion.

You might be wondering why we’re writing about this. Continue reading and you’ll get it 🙂

Chocolate makers understood there was a market opportunity to make more sales with the same product just by reframing the way the product was sold.

People are not buying the same chocolates anymore. They are buying a completely new product with a whole new meaning and a much greater value. But yeah, at the end of the day, it’s still chocolate!

The same thinking applies to digital products and services. The way you present your product to your customers can’t be underestimated. It makes all the difference.

Here at, Pixelmatters, we take this into high consideration. It’s not rare that a client approaches us with a technically robust product, but with lack of brand strength or poor visual differentiation. In those cases, it’s our job to change the user’s perceived value of their product.

In practice, this means that every design decision has to be carefully thought as we strive to find the best way to market your product to your customers, through our design-centric approach.

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO