Pixel Kit: thinking inside the box for a change

I mean, digital is cool, but we can make some exceptions...

Since our rebranding at the beginning of the year, we couldn't wait to refresh our Pixel Kit. And the wait is finally over.

What's the Pixel Kit?

In a few words, it's a celebration of our Pixelmatters' pride. We wanted to celebrate our passionate team with something they could proudly carry everywhere. That meant making it cool, but mostly, making it inclusive. Embodying a dynamic working culture into a 40x30cm box was a challenge that the Marketing team gladly took on. Now that the Kit is in the teams' hands, we couldn't be happier.


The keyword from the get-go was: inclusivity. We started with a team survey to understand their preferences in terms of items. Did we get crazy answers? We did. But craziness aside, the team's perspective was crucial in the first stages and set the mood for the whole project.

Later, a second survey guided the clothing sizes and models to make everyone feel comfortable and confident.

Embracing this collaborative mindset not only helped us get everyone on board but also gave us exciting ideas for the future: a pair of socks may or may not be coming on the next version, just saying.

A new page in our Brand Book

Some months have passed since our friends from John&Jane presented us with our new branding, and we still can't have enough of it. Meanwhile, we were faced with a new challenge: bringing our digital brand to the real world.

That's right, up until recently, our brand only knew life in pixels! After much trial and error, we finally came up with the perfect color balance for the printed bright blue and orange. Guess it's all about finding the right partners: Gráfica Saúde Sá and mishmash, we couldn’t have done without you. Gift Campaign, Maudlin and Brindouro, thank you for also showing our Logo how great life in printing can be.

This Pixel Kit marks a new era for our brand: we loved seeing it, but now we can touch it (and wear it too).

Feeling at home while working remotely

Last year, "Remote as default, office as an option" became our work approach. But working from home doesn't mean that you have to feel distant from your company and team. Having this in mind, we hope that the new Kit brings a little of Pixelmatters to our team members. And for the ones who are just joining us, we hope that it's the perfect welcome gift to take to their office, wherever it may be.

A team effort in a Box

This Pixel Kit represents months of collaboration. From the Marketing to the People Operations team, everyone did their best to embody the Pixel culture in a small package, and we can't wait to see it being used out there.

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João Alarcão
Marketing Designer