Meet the brand new Pixelmatters

It all started with a dream of doing things well. 7 years have passed, and Pixelmatters has grown into a more bold, technical, and mature company.

Today Pixelmatters is a digital product studio that combines its expertise in different areas like Design, Engineering, and Product. This new branding embodies this spirit: Balance, Collaboration, Partnership, Relationship, Connection…Read more on why we decided to do a rebrand.

The "X"

The "X" icon is composed of three key concepts: contradiction, intersection, and balance. When you look at the shape you can see it combines balanced but opposite shapes that at one point intersect.

The construction of the "X"

It's in that intersection that we find our common ground. We can be a Developer, a Designer, a Sales representative, or a Product Owner, but we are all working at the same intersection: "to empower businesses to achieve their full potential by creating top-quality digital products while fostering great relationships along the way."

It's also in the opposite shapes that you will find the core of Pixelmatters, the "Happy Contradictions".

But the "X" can stand for different meanings to different people, and that's the potential we found in this mark. For some, it may stand for "Relationship" to others "Human", and for others "Collaboration".

Happy Contradictions

Contradictions happen when you can’t be put into a box. It's when you go against the grain or when you break the status quo. Ultimately, it's the substance of who Pixelmatters is as a group.

“Happy Contradictions” have always been in our DNA.

We make Functional, and Beautiful products. We are Porto-based, and Global. We are Refreshing, and Established. We are Professional, and Friendly. We are Colleagues, and Friends. We are Technical, and Human.

Happy Contradictions

This concept is directly linked to X's visual representation, with its opposite shapes.

Brand Identity

From the "X" and the "Happy Contradictions", we developed our new brand identity. From the iconography to the colors, each visual element and each detail is somehow naturally linked with the brand's story.

The colors

Our colors also represent the concept of a contradiction, and you could say that these are two opposite colors. You will notice that both orange and blue are opposites in the light spectrum.

The typography

We chose Platform as the primary font, and Matter as our secondary font. Both represent different meanings.

The word "Platform" represents a declaration of the principles on which a group of persons stands. It's in "this platform" where every pixel matters, that each group that connects with Pixelmatters, from teams to partners stands.

The font Matter was an obvious choice. We like to use "matters" at the end of every possible word: "Designmatters", "Codematters", "Peoplematters". So certainly we had to find a font with the same name. And so we did, because "Fontmatters".

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Cláudia Pereira
Marketing Manager