7 years after being founded, we're launching a new brand. Here's why

What started as a small design agency evolved into a digital product studio that's more bold, technical, and mature, now with a new brand identity to match.

In his famous Marketing & Brand speech in 1997, Steve Jobs said:

“(…) even a great brand needs investment and caring if it’s going to maintain its relevance vitality.”

At Pixelmatters, we’ve always believed that our brand is everything. It’s people’s perception of us, it’s the feelings and emotions we convey. It’s how people look at who we are as a company, and what do we stand for. Every action, communication, or decision connects one way or the other, with our brand. So, we have the responsibility to take good care of it.

Andrew Wilkinson, the founder of MetaLab, recently tweeted about how important it is to create a logo and a simple website once you have an idea, to “make it real”. We had this moment by March 2014. Around 4 months after Pixelmatters was born, our first and now old logo was created.

Pixelmatters old logo early draft
Pixelmatters old logo early draft (March 2014)

As one would imagine, not much thought went into it. We asked Alexander Sapelkin, a freelance graphic designer from Ukraine, to come up with something.

The curvy and handwritten style of lettering felt good. It was young, approachable, and even a bit fun. Back then, it made sense.

Fast forward to 2021 and, all of a sudden, seven years went by. Seven years! Can you imagine? 🙄 What started as a small design agency with a couple of guys working in pajamas evolved into a digital product studio with 40 talented folks with a mix of skillsets: engineers, designers, strategists, and product managers. And yes, we’re no longer working in pajamas. We’ve upgraded to using tracksuits.

Even more important than the growth of our team-size, we’ve evolved into being a more bold, technical, and mature company.

Our services offering is now more complete, more technical, more established. Our culture is now developed and diversified. Our team is more senior. Our core values remain the same but are now clearer. Above all, we are now more secure of ourselves, and what we stand for.

And that is why we’ve decided it was time to do a rebranding. Today, we’re excited to unveil a new Pixelmatters. View the new branding in detail

We hope you all like the result as much as we do. While the “real world” is still going through this pandemic, we’re having a (good) crazy start to 2021, with several new clients and projects coming in. From what we’re seeing, 2021 may very well be our best year yet.

We’re confident that this new brand will accelerate us towards achieving our goals for the next few years. Let’s do this! Come along, we’re hiring. 💙🧡

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO