Revisiting Pixelmatters purpose

Since its foundation in late 2013, Pixelmatters has evolved and changed significantly. The core idea of doing things right, because every pixel matters remain absolutely intact, but the journey from an unaware guy working at his living room to a team of 40+ and counting hasn’t been linear.

Many ups-and-downs, experiences, and learnings later, at an organizational level we decided it was time to go one step further and revisit Pixelmatters’ fundamental purpose. It includes:

Now, these are no longer an individual product as they were on day one, but instead, a product of the exceptional group of passionate people that, every day, define and shape Pixelmatters culture.

This post is a simple adaptation of an internal document that was created and shared with our whole team. The goal is to look at this as an inspirational guiding light on behavior and decision-making. Hopefully, it also resonates with you — watching Pixelmatters’ from the outside. Read on!

💫 Our Purpose

Why we do what we do.

To make people’s life simpler and better, everywhere, every day, through the power of ideas, design and technology.

🎯 What we do

The bottom line on why we exist.

Pixelmatters is a digital product studio.

We’re a team of strategists, designers and developers creating top-quality digital products that empower businesses to achieve their full potential.

🌍 Our Mission

An ambitious yet achievable position in our market, or in our customers’ lives, that reflects our purpose.

Empower businesses to achieve their full potential by creating top-quality digital products, while fostering great relationships along the way.

💡Our Vision

The legacy we want to leave behind decades from now.

A world where great user experience is the norm, not the exception, inspiring businesses and people to be at their best.

🤝 Our Values

What we believe in.

🎖 Our Manifesto

A declaration of principles, postures, and mindset.

  1. Family, health and well being, always, always come first
  2. Be serious, honest and just tell the truth. Everybody wins
  3. It’s not about “you” or “I”. It’s about us
  4. Trust each other, everyone can be valuable until proven otherwise
  5. Be curious, proactive, have a critical spirit, make questions. Lots of questions
  6. Treat clients with the utmost professionalism and empathy, but knowing they’re not always right
  7. Be brave and fast, making compromises and tough decisions when needed
  8. Trust your good sense and intuition, not everything needs (to go through) a process
  9. Be vulnerable. You will make mistakes, it’s ok. We’re all in this together
  10. Embrace and love the journey, it is as important as the final result
  11. Respect the legacy, focus on the present and look into the future
  12. Share your knowledge with the world. The universe will take care of the rest

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO