Pixelmatters New Office 2017

As we were approaching the 3 years old mark, our old office space started to become just too small. Growing fast and steadily, now counting with a team of 23, we had to move. 🚀

Something that we always believed on is that the physical place where you work represents your company and has a direct influence on your team’s perception of things. For us, it needs to be an inspiring place where you feel that there are no limits. A second home.

That is why we always wanted our new office to be bright, relaxed and minimalist, without hallways or unnecessary closed rooms. Providing a great environment for the whole team to stay happy and productive throughout the day.

This mindset was the core foundation for what you’ll see next. 🙂

Welcome to our office. Please have a seat in our waiting area.
The main meeting room is a unique architectural piece.
The sofas area inspire low-key relaxed sessions of work.
Open workspace area
We finally have a full-size kitchen and a bar!
Meeting room details
Standing-desks. If you’d like to buy one of these hit us up to hello@pixelmatters.com :)
Working with a view to the heart of the city.
No office would be complete without a Games Room. It’s time to beat someone on FIFA… or foosball!

So, what do you think about our new home?

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO