Luxury in the Digital Era



David Rosas, a five-generation luxury jewelry shop partnered with Pixelmatters to kick-off the redesign of their new website. The most efficient solution was to use Shopify as a base, combined with Pixelmatters' custom design.


David Rosas would also be an interesting design challenge for Pixelmatters. We are not used to designing within traditional industries like luxury goods, where aesthetics is often rooted in editorial design, instead of digital design.

How can we help?

But the focus was also on the customer. From the comprehensive brief shared by David Rosas, there was an obvious need to bring the in-store experience to this improved version of their website, allowing an even more consistent experience across different touchpoints. 

No one seemed more qualified to help us than the people working in the stores, experiencing firsthand the needs and concerns of these customers. From these interviews, not only we understood the customer better but also developed a broader awareness of David Rosas's sales funnel, which is different from the common retail and eCommerce websites.

Connecting the dots

From the interviews, the comprehensive briefing, and ongoing discussions with the client's sales and management team, we were able to understand what David Rosas's customers were looking for — know more about the history behind the product, the collection, and the brand but also to have an opinion of an informed advisor before adding a new item to their collection.

A benchmarking exercise also allowed us to collect data on the type of visual design these brands usually have. And with this, we formed a design strategy, driven by demand, storytelling, and quality.

A virtual shop window

A Homepage is like a shop window. The client sees something in the window and decides if they want to go in and take a closer look. That was the focus of the homepage's look & feel, to invite the client in and explore the rest of the store.

A touch of luxury

David Rosas's new look & feel would have to not only consider luxury industry standards but also what customers are accustomed to seeing. This means we would have to create a disruptive new look-and-feel, that would follow current design guidelines, but without neglecting their customer expectations.

Editorial design as inspiration for the Look and Feel of the digital experience.
Editorial design as inspiration for the Look and Feel of the digital experience.

Embracing modularity

Every section and component on this website was designed in a way that embraced modularity. On one hand, structurally similar sections result in recognizable patterns for users, and on another hand, modular components allow the flexibility to create unique pages without a heavy implementation.

Apart from core components on the Homepage, a modular page to showcase their Collections was also created. The goal was to have different sections that could be mix and matched and come up with layouts that felt unique to a given context.

Modular sections designed to help create dynamic layouts.
Modular sections designed to help create dynamic layouts.
Karolyn Bachelor

Working with Pixelmatters was a very positive experience and we’re quite happy with the final result. They’re a creative, structured, and focused team we enjoyed working with.

Luísa Rosas

CEO at Luísa Rosas, Lda

The result

David Rosas was able to launch an enhanced version of their existing website. Their website shows the potential for eCommerce businesses when combining theme-based solutions like Shopify with a top-notch custom design.

Summing it up

The belief that luxury clients won't buy "expensive" things online, has proven wrong in the past years. This marked an important step in the history of Luxury — for the first time we started seeing traditional companies bringing in-store experiences to the digital side. David Rosas is one of those companies, bringing luxury to the new digital era.

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