Reflecting on 10 years of Pixelmatters

10 years ago I could never imagine what this would become.

Pixelmatters’ was started without any pre-defined strategy, any business plan, or any expectations. Sometimes, that’s how the greatest things in life happen.

Back in December 2013, all we wanted was to have an entity that we could use to invoice a big project we’ve closed from Ghana — Knoxxi — to have cash to pay for our first office — actually, house — rent deposit. That was it, that was the main motivation. But then momentum started to kick in.

After these 10 years, I am immensely proud of what we did and who we are. To help put the above in perspective, here are some crazy stats:

Pixelmatters has always been made up of special people, with various talents. I'm proud that we have created a culture that allows people to genuinely be who they are and also truly like each other, resulting in lifelong friendships in some cases. While that isn’t a goal in itself, it’s a great sign when it happens so often as it does here.

Together, we’ve built a reference at several levels while having fun along the way. I feel grateful for everyone who dedicated their time and talent to this journey so far. Thank you.

Now — we are in the long-run game, not in the short-term one. We look at business as a marathon and not as a sprint. Pixelmatters fundamentals are built and structured to last. I’m excited and looking forward to what the future holds for us.

Here’s to the next decade! 🥂

André Oliveira
Founder & CEO