Our client, Lastline, got acquired by VMware

It’s always great news when one of our clients succeeds. In this case, it’s a milestone for us too: for the first time on Pixelmatters history, one of our clients got acquired! 🚀

Lastline is a California-based 🇺🇸 cybersecurity company and a pioneer in anti-malware research and AI-powered network detection and response, founded in 2011. Their mission is “to enable customers to defend their organizations against advanced threats that cause costly data breaches”.

Pixelmatters and Lastline have been working together since 2018, working on Product Strategy, UX, and UI Design and Front-end Development of the product itself. We helped Lastline improve their product, being one of the goals having a seamless and intuitive experience, so every IT professional was able to use the platform independently of their level of technical expertise.

VMware, founded in 1998 and also based in California, is a software company providing cloud and virtualization services that power complex digital infrastructures, and a member of the Dell Technologies family of brands.

The acquisition of Lastline by VMware was officialized at the end of July and we were thrilled to know about it. We are sure these two companies will merge into one powerful titan of cybersecurity and offer unique high-quality solutions to users worldwide, protecting their data anytime and anywhere.

VMware is one of the biggest software companies in the world. It ranks #42 on Fortune Future 50 of companies with the strongest long-term growth potential and #10 on Forbes “Just 100”. It’s the first time that Pixelmatters also has the pleasure to collaborate with a company that ranks so high in these famous rankings. 🔥

Congratulations to the Lastline team, we are proud to be part of the ride and are excited with what’s to come! 🥂

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO