Our client, DocSend, got acquired by Dropbox

The 3rd acquisition of a Pixelmatters client over the past 8 months. 🏆

DocSend is a US-based 🇺🇸 fast-growing company that provides business leaders with a secure document sharing and analytics product.

Dropbox, founded in 2017 and also based in the US, is a public software company. Dropbox is the place where all your team’s content comes together. Where you can use the tools you love. Where we help you cut through the clutter and surface what matters most.

The acquisition of DocSend by Dropbox was officialized this week and we were thrilled to know about the good news. We are sure DocSend’s feature-set will enrich Dropbox's product even further.

Congratulations to the DocSend team, we are proud of having been part of the ride! 🥂

Official announcements:

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO