From 2021 to 2022: a glimpse into our future, already happening

I hope everyone reading this is healthy and ready to roll in 2022! 🥳

2021 was definitely a good year for Pixelmatters. We've used 2020’s unstable and challenging context as an opportunity to start building the foundations for sustainable growth over the coming years. That bet is now starting to pay off.

Our biggest focus these days is how to become a... more focused company. Focused on what matters, while measuring what matters. It’s a challenge and a constant work in progress, but we’re working towards it.

Last year, we decided to revisit our market positioning entirely. We thoroughly analyzed Pixelmatters' new business and sales practices, tech landscape, industries, existing clients profile and pricing strategies, positioning, target audience, and lead generation tactics, among other subjects.

The outcome of this exercise influences 2022 and beyond. These are the three core strategies in which we’ll be heavily invested in years to come:

  1. Specialization. We want to be even more selective with the clients we work with and the work that we choose to do. Being rigorous on the type of projects we work on will pave the way for more exclusive and focused Pixelmatters.
  2. Focus & exclusivity. With specialization, we aim to position Pixelmatters as a reference in the market, even more than what already is. By focusing on a selective range of work, project typologies, technologies, and tools, the quality of the work will be exponentiated, allowing us to be experts in the matters we say we do.
  3. Collaborations, not projects. We’ve discontinued fixed-price agreements by early 2021. It’s no longer an option on the menu. We will keep focusing on the most sustainable and future-proof type of agreement — “Team Retainers” — allowing long-term and team-based collaborations, based on great relationships. It will enable us to have further stability at all levels, based on trust, commitment, and quality, while reducing the possible negative impact of changes on the client-side or our working environment.

There’s a lot more happening in 2022, of course, but this high-level vision is one of the most important things to have in mind. I’m confident that the above will guide Pixelmatters in the right direction. 💫

2022 will be a year of consolidation of the work we've been doing over 2020 and 2021, and there are reasons to be excited about it! 🚀

Happy new year, everyone! Let's enjoy the ride!

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André Oliveira
Founder & CEO